Recently, some changes have been made to QuoteBot to improve usability on mobile and make a nicer colour scheme.

What changes have been made to QuoteBot?

The QuoteBot menu is more mobile friendly, mainly on the individual server screen. For example, the sidebar is now placed on the top of the screen if you are a mobile device. If you experience any issues with certain devices or browsers, please let me know along with the device make. This can either be done through the support server or through the suggest command on the bot, a good report would be like ‘I get display issues with the quotebot dashboard on my <device name> using <browser>’.

The color scheme has also been changed to be similar to other discord bot dashboards. This is also the same color scheme discord use for their app.

If you don’t see these changes, try clearing the cache on your device or doing a force refresh by using ctrl, shift and pressing r at the same time.