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At a glance

a picture of the discord bot quoteing a message of berdly saying bold of you to assume i respect the law

QuoteBot is a bot designed to allow you to quote messages from UNDERTALE style textboxes via discord messages! It comes with a wide variety of characters from both games, powered by Demirramon‘s UNDERTALE textbox generator

QuoteBot comes with a web dashboard that allows you to :

  • Upload custom sprites
  • Change the bots prefix
  • Change how the bot quotes messages
a message being quoted that says 'ooooh nice!' the sprite being used is a bunny

The bot

QuoteBot is designed to quote messages using UNDERTALE textboxes, but it’s not limited to that. By default if no character is specified, QuoteBot will include the user’s profile picture in place of the sprite. QuoteBot can also quote messages into separate textboxes if they are too long to fit into a single one, so you can create a series of textboxes.

a message being quoted that uses the users profile picture

The dashboard

There is a dashboard for the bot that allows customization for some of the settings for the bot. It can :

  • Add and delete custom sprites to use in the textboxes
  • Change the bots prefix for a server
  • Configure the bot to delete messages after quoting them
  • Configure if to use UNDERTALE characters or custom sprites by default

To use the dashboard and manage a server or uploads sprites to it, you will need to have manage server permissions in the server. You can also purchase premium for your favorite server to allow for uploading more sprites!

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