Premium QuoteBot

Thank you for looking at QuoteBot premium! If you use the custom sprites of QuoteBot alot you might benefit from premium, there are multiple plans depending on what you might need.

OC Pack

15 more sprites, up to 25 sprites

Multiple OC Pack

40 more sprites, up to 50 sprites

Friends Pack

290 more sprites, up to 300 sprites

The full benefits of QuoteBot premium include :

  • More sprites (up to 300 a server depending on your plan!)
  • Custom roles in the QuoteBot support server to show your support!
  • Access to Patreon only discord channels

If you buy QuoteBot premium, you’ll be supporting me by helping me pay the monthly costs for the server that QuoteBot and its website runs off.

If you purchase QuoteBot premium, you’ll be added into the QuoteBot support server, where you will be assigned a role based on what you chose. The server will process what plan you purchased and you will instantly gain access to it. You can then add this to any server of your choice and remove it at anytime.

To see more details on premium including how data is processed, see here.