Upcoming updates

On the 1st of March 2024, there’s going to be some major changes to QuoteBot’s analytics and privacy. This post is to inform you of these changes. They’re done for more accurate debugging, a better insight into how QuoteBot is used daily and improving user experience. Previously the only tracking for QuoteBot was checking the amount of quotes posted each day, while this will continue, there will be more data collected on how the bot is used.

Some clarifications here: unless stated otherwise, data collected from discord is pseudonymous. It can’t be traced back to the original server / channel / user unless they’re original information is present. For example: my discord user ID is 690297781298003979, but in the tracking software I’m identified as 865ab22551ba0938785b3ef110a5f58c, and there’s no way for me to know who an identified user is without their original discord user ID.

QuoteBot will track :

  • All commands now track who it was by, the server it was done in, and the channel it was done in
  • Quote commands now track if the quote used the original generator or the new generator, and the sprite and expression used
  • The ping command now tracks response times
  • The feedback command logs your feedback message in the analytics software as well